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  • Meridian Engineering Company v. US March 20, 2018
    (United States Federal Circuit) - Affirming, vacating, reversing, and remanding aspects of a US Court of Federal Claims determination that an engineering company didn't meet standards of proof to show the US breached contracts relating to the construction of flood control in Arizona where the company was owed certain monies for equitable adjustment and interest […]
  • West Coast Air Conditioning Company, Inc. v. California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation March 19, 2018
    (California Court of Appeal) - Affirming the decision that an air conditioning company was entitled to recover, under a promissory estoppel theory, its bid preparation costs in the stipulated amount of a quarter million dollars after establishing that they should have won the bid to update a prison's air conditioning system because the court had […]
  • Quanta Computer Inc. v. Japan Communications Inc. March 16, 2018
    (California Court of Appeal) - Affirming that the trial court did not abuse its discretion in dismissing a suit between Taiwanese and Japanese companies whose contract had nothing at all to do with California, but still named it as the forum for the resolution of disputes, because it was not an abuse of discretion when […]
  • Petrolink, Inc. v. Lantel Enterprises March 15, 2018
    (California Court of Appeal) - Reversing an order relating to the sale of land pursuant to the valid exercise of a purchase option in order to undertake an accounting that would provide an appropriate offset for rents paid during the pendency of the litigation and delayed performance on the contract for purchase and sale.
  • Sky Angel US, LLC v. Discovery Communications, LLC March 15, 2018
    (United States Fourth Circuit) - Affirming the district court ruling that the Discovery Channel's termination of their contract with a company distributing their content was a good faith termination because the clause relating to their distribution was ambiguous and did not expressly allow the company to distribute through the public internet, as it had been.
  • Wells Fargo Advisors, LLC v. Sappington March 7, 2018
    (United States Second Circuit) - Affirming the denial of petitions by Wells Fargo to compel bilateral rather than class arbitration between themselves and a group of former employees seeking unpaid overtime, holding that the arbitrator rather than the court must determine whether the employment contracts authorize class arbitration.
  • PSM Holding Corp. v. National Farm Financial Corporation March 7, 2018
    (United States Ninth Circuit) - Affirming in part, reversing in part, and dismissing in part the district court judgment and orders concerning remedies on various appeals for breach of contract and fraud in a case between a judgment debtor and judgment creditor in which they held that a wrongful seizure could result in restitution, affirming […]
  • BAE Systems Technology Solution and Services, Inc. v. Republic of Korea's Defense Acquisition Program Administration March 6, 2018
    (United States Fourth Circuit) - Affirming the district court's grant of a declaratory judgment to the plaintiff that it hadn't breached any contractual agreement with Korea, but refusing a permanent injunction barring Korea from suing them in Korean courts in a contract suit between a US defense contractor and Korea in a complex set of […]
  • Lusnak v. Bank of America, N.A. March 2, 2018
    (United States Ninth Circuit) - Reversing a district court dismissal of a putative class action holding that the National Banking Act did not preempt California's state escrow interest law and remanding so the plaintiff could proceed with California Unfair Competition Law and breach of contract claims against Bank of America, who they say failed to […]
  • Redfearn v. Trader Joes Company February 27, 2018
    (California Court of Appeal) - Reversing a district court judgment of dismissal in a case alleging the intentional interference with prospective economic advantage and unfair competition arising from broker relations with Trader Joe's because, although they couldn't interfere with a contract to which they are a party, they allegedly pressured suppliers to stop using the […]